Ways WECA can Help its Members Who Will Operate from Home due to Personal Issues.

For those members who will still be operating from home, WECA can help as follows.

  1. Helping members get their HF rigs in the best working order.
  2. Having people using the same N3FJP Field Day Logging Software.
  3. Helping members learn how to use that software, which is rather easy once you set it up and get the hang of it. It really is a gentle learning curve.
  4. Helping them to connect their computer to their transceiver for automatic capture of their Band, Mode and Frequency.
  5. Running a Website which reports the members QSO contact numbers live (updated every 3 minutes) 
  6. Having a live Social Meeting Room to Socialize, Ask questions with Elmers hopefully able to help, know what everyone is doing, etc.
  7. Having members who will be Operating to have a separate live Feed from their shack so others can see, hear, learn and ask questions.
  8. Having some Operators allowing for remote operation of their rig for those without RIgs who want to operate and make QSOs.
  9. Having members who Operate include Westchester Emergency Communications Association (yes, the full name) as their Club affiliation.  This year both individuals and Clubs they list will be tallied separately after Field Day is Over.  We want to keep our Bragging Rights of being at the Top as we have been in years past.
  10. Help any members who will be Operating to plan to get as many of the Bonus Points as possible for both their scores and the WECA Club totals.

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WECA Field Day 2020

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